Pacific Palisades Book Club – A Sign of Intellect and Enjoyment in America

Book Clubs are all the rage in California these days and they are great places to meet wonderful people. In beautiful Pacific Palisades there is a locally well known book club that meets once per month at the local Starbucks there in the Village. The Eclectic Book Club is a concept created by Patrice the Founder. The club is an extension of her love of reading and need to share stimulating and interesting conversation.

One thing I love to do as I travel America is to meet interesting and well read people, then write about the best and most exciting things I learn. What a treat to see book clubs growing across America. You just never know when you will run across one. This is one of the neatest group of people I have discovered in my travels and they sure have a great thing going there.

What sorts of people join the Eclectic Book Club? Well, it is an eclectic group of all sorts of people from all different backgrounds sharing in a common cause. There is a core group of superstars that read nearly every book and others who read most or many of the books as time allows in their personal lives, yet all find a sense of enjoyment in the discussion.

Starting a successful book club is never easy as Patrice notes, and yet much of the success of the Eclectic Book Club she attributes to her core group and all the awesome people who participate. The Founder assures all new members that they are not a clique or monarchy and they vary the types of books as to not ever be tied to only one genre.

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